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is a nongovernmental organisation registered under Travancore Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 with Registration No. T. 1979/07 with its headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram. The organisation is committed to look after the well-being of the differentially challenged citizens in the society by empowering them physically, mentally, financially and spiritually. RVS has its own office functioning at Samanwaya Bhavan, near Fort High School, near the world famous Padmanabhaswami Temple. The major objects of RVS are to empower the disadvantaged to lead a life with dignity, confidence and to motivate the fellow citizens to strive for a meaningful and successful life.


RVS provides a wide range of programmes and services
for people with disabilities in the community, ranging from welfare assistance, educational classes, driving lessons for the disabled recreational activities to a befriender service. It also celebarates Onam and distributing Onam kit for disabled families.



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RVS Association is a non-profit charitable organisation that serves people with physical disabilities.
It has been raising funds on its own to finance the various programmes and activities for the benefit of its members. You may help us by making a donation online by Credit Card or PayPalt


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